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Elite Golf Instruction for Everyone

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Jimmy's most complete teaching and coaching site is now live!  

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The Coach

Jimmy Shaw is a golf professional who has studied and played the game of golf for over 30 years.  He has competed at all levels of the game:  Junior (Oklahoma Medalist for 1997 USGA Junior Championship played at Aronimink GC, Newtown Square, PA; High School (4-time All-Conference); Collegiate (Conference Freshman of the Year, 2-Time All-Conference, Team Captain); and Professional (competed on the NGA Hooters, eGolf, and Adams Tours; advanced to the second stage of PGA Tour Qualifying).

Jimmy has worked with some of the best instructors in the areas of Putting (Ian Baker-Finch), Golf Swing (Hank Haney; Jack Lumpkin); and Mental Game (Dr. Deborah Graham, GolfPsych).  Jimmy incorporates his many years of learning about and playing the game of golf into teaching each of his students.


Jimmy does not teach the golf swing as an isolated activity but as part of the overall game.  His philosophy is that the body reacts on both a conscious and a subconscious level to perform each shot. Further, he does not believe in teaching a single system for each student, because not everyone has the same experiences that have led them to this point in their enjoyment of the challenge of the game of golf, nor does each person have the same physical and mental attributes.


While there are certain aspects of the swing that may be important for a player to perform in order to be more consistent when playing the game, performance depends on each individual’s skeleton function and muscular development. Jimmy learned a great deal about these key components while becoming certified as a personal trainer through the American Council of Exercise, a leader in personal trainer certifications, and his years of working as a personal trainer, during which he trained golfers who played at the junior, collegiate, and professional levels.   Understanding each person’s physical abilities allows Jimmy to tailor his teaching accordingly, and to suggest exercise routines to help his students develop physically so that they are able to play their best golf.

Jimmy is committed to working with each student in order to create better players, not just better swingers of the golf club.


Student Achievements

Since 2017

202 Junior Individual Top 5's 

128 Junior Individual Top 10's 

64 Junior Individual Victories 

60 Junior Individual Top 15's 

13 Collegiate Top 10's  

11 Collegiate Signees 

11 Collegiate Top 5's  

Amateur Victories  

Collegiate Top 20's  

Amatuer Top 5

Collegiate Top 15's  

Amatuer Top 10

Professional Top 10

Collegiate Win

More Lowered Handicaps than we could count!!!


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The Studio


"Dig it out of the dirt, the way I did."

         -Ben Hogan


Brad Sill Golf Center

732 Oak Grove Rd


The Creek Golf Club

(short game and playing lessons)

640 Keltner Ave.

Spartanburg, SC 29302

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